Terrific Tutors and How to Get One

You and your child sit across the table from each other with homework assignments and crumpled scrap paper spread between you. Frustration permeates the air. Racking your brain for how to do matrices or important dates of the Civil War that you learned over a decade ago, you’re wondering how you can help your child pass their classes.

You’re not alone.

Many parents feel that same anxiety and frustration. 

Finding a tutor who specializes in the academic subjects your child needs the most help will simplify homework for both you and your child. 

Why Use a Tutor

Beyond freeing you and your child from your attempts at remembering geography and Googling the answers under the table, tutors have been proven to benefit learners to help them get caught up, get ahead, or just stay on course for their subjects.

Especially now, with the uncertainty of what the coming school year will bring, having a tutor on-hand and ready to aid your child will help give them confidence and reassurance they need to survive the school year.

Duably is your recipe for success when looking for the perfect tutor for your child’s needs. 

Find Your Tutor

Need help with Math? Spanish? English? History? Duably will connect you to all the tutors in your area. Simply create your account, view the rates of services, and request tutoring based around your schedule! 

Teachers, tutors, and service providers will be notified by the app of your pending work request, and respond to it. As the responses come in to help your child, you will see their ratings from their previous jobs. Once you accept your tutor, the app will notify them and you can expect to see them at the scheduled time you set up. 

Want your child to have peer interaction with the tutor to help facilitate learning? Invite up to eight people to your tutoring session. Small group learning with peers as well as the tutor can help provide multiple angles and perspectives to conquering the academic subjects. 

Take out the awkward money exchange and price haggling too, as Duably also outlines exactly how much you pay by the hour for a tutor. Making the payment through the app with its use of Stripe for security keeps payment safe and keeps rates competitive and fair. 

With your child’s tutor ready to go, you can both sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Getting their homework done won’t be the biggest challenge of the week anymore. 

As your child’s understanding of their subject(s) improves, don’t forget to rate your tutor! 

Download the app and start looking for your tutor today! 

Are you an expert in your field and interested in tutoring? Read more about becoming a tutor on Duably. 

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